Scholarships and bursaries

A scholarship or bursary at Curtin Singapore can offer you great opportunities. It will enhance your learning experience through financial support so that you have the potential to graduate with skills and networks that will help you make tomorrow better. 

Alumni Bursary

The Alumni Bursary is for full fee-paying students who have completed a Curtin bachelor degree and are commencing a master degree at Curtin Singapore. It awards 10% of the first year of tuition fees (200 credits) to support your studies, career and life experiences at Curtin Singapore.  

Curtin Singapore acknowledges and thanks the Alumni for their support and for helping to grow Curtin Singapore.

Please follow the terms of Bursary details.

Bursary details

  • This bursary is for full fee-paying students who have completed a Curtin bachelor degree and are commencing a master degree at Curtin Singapore
  • This bursary covers a maximum of 10% of the first-year tuition fee up to a maximum of 200 credit points only 
  • Eligible students with a package offer for a Graduate Certificate and Master are entitled to 10% bursary of the first 200 credits of the Master program
  • The bursary will be credited in the last tuition fee instalment 
  • Students are not eligible if they receive Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) in the master program
  • Students in receipt of any other scholarship/bursary from Curtin Singapore will not be eligible for the Alumni Bursary 
  • The bursary is not transferable to other Curtin University campuses 
  • Curtin Singapore reserves the right to vary or add to any of these terms and conditions at its discretion with adequate notice 

Family Bursary

The family bursary applies where two or more students from the same family study at Curtin Singapore or a Navitas member institution. The first family member can be studying at Curtin or a Navitas member institution at the same time as other family members or they may have previously studied at Curtin Singapore or a Navitas member institution. 

Bursary details

  • The family bursary is granted to the second and subsequent family members who study at Curtin Singapore
  • The Curtin Singapore family bursary is equivalent to 10% of the tuition fee for up to 8 units of the first attempt at units in the first course of study (for example, diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate program) 
  • This bursary is not applicable to English language program or any component of any English language program offered by Curtin Singapore 
  • The bursary does not apply to additional units or repeat units that may also be undertaken
  • The bursary is not available for students who previously received a scholarship or bursary or had a scholarship or bursary from Curtin Singapore or Navitas member institution withdrawn 
  • Students must pay the full amount for their first payment due as shown on their Letter of OfferIf the student remains enrolled at the end of week 4 of their first trimester, 10% of their tuition fee paid will be credited to the student. The balance of the bursary is credited to the eligible student’s tuition account in the second and subsequent trimesters. (The amount credited will be calculated on the actual number of units studied)
  • A completed application must be submitted together with supporting documents such as birth certificate or family card 

To apply for the above, please contact Curtin Singapore at for the application form and for any further information.