Orientation is a fun and informative way of preparing you for classes at Curtin Singapore. Your attendance is essential to make the best possible start when the teaching weeks begin.

We run different sessions for our local and international students and it is advisable to check your allocated schedule with us.

Orientation is designed to help you make the most out of your first experience of Curtin. It’s a great way to help familiarise yourself with the campus, meet other students, locate classrooms, learn about the library, learn about your and our responsibilities, discover Curtin’s social networks, our student clubs, and much, much more. Orientation is also the time when you receive advice from our staff about your course and pick up your timetable.

If you are a new student, do remember to check your emails for the updated information of your Orientation schedule that is given to you as there are useful tips to better prepare you for an enjoyable session.

Please do not hesitate to reach us at +65 6593 8000 if you require further clarifications.

Attending orientation is compulsory for all new students.

Do join us so that you can be prepared for the exciting start to your university studies!