Curtin Singapore fees are set each year and are payable before the commencement of each trimester or semester.

Course fees are payable by trimester or semester instalments depending on the number of units you enrol in.

The initial rate as detailed in your student contract will apply for the whole academic year of enrolment. It may subject to change in subsequent years in accordance with the prevailing GST rate and the rate set by the Curtin University Council. Any change to fees will be reflected in subsequent student contracts.

Curtin Singapore requires that all fees and charges are payable in advance. You will not be permitted to commence or continue your course at the beginning of any trimester or semester until all outstanding fees and charges are paid. You will be charged the full amount for repeating units. 

To find out the current tuition fee for your course, please refer to the course information here.

The tuition fees (shown in Singapore Dollars) are based on a normal full-time study load of 100 credits per trimester unless otherwise stated. Students studying more than 100 credits per trimester will have a higher annual tuition fee. The indicative trimester course fee, as shown on the letter of offer, may vary from the actual tuition fee according to the units undertaken. The indicative fee is a guide only. The actual tuition fee, based on the number of units being studied, is calculated when enrolment is completed.

Compulsory non-tuition fees

ItemFee before 9% GST Fee including 9% GST
Administration fee (International students)S$800S$872
Administration fee (International students - Study Abroad program only)S$600S$654
Administration fee (Local students)S$200S$218
Medical insurance*S$130S$141.70
Fee Protection Scheme insurance+Course dependentCourse dependent

Miscellaneous fees


ItemsFees (S$)
1. Re-printing transcript$15.00
2. Re-printing certificate$15.00
3. Courier charges for delivery of transcript or certificate$35.00


ItemsFees (S$)
1. Late course fee payment charge
a) Within 7 days from payment due date$160.00
b) Subsequent week thereafter $100.00 per week
2. Telegraphic transfer bank fee$35.00 per refund


ItemsFees (S$)
1. Black & White document photocopy$0.10 per page
2. Colour document photocopy$1.00 per page
3. Laminating Charges
a) A4 (210mm x 297mm)$1.50 per page
b) A3 (297mm x 420 mm)$3.00 per page
4. Ring Binding Charges
a) 10mm$1.50
b) 12mm$1.80
c) 14mm$2.00
d) 16mm$2.50
5. Rebinding (without materials)$1.00
6. Lost book finesBook replacement cost + $20.00 handling fee
7. Overdue Library Books fine
a) Redspot Textbook Collection$0.50 per hour
b) Overdue Library Books fine for General Collection (Open Shelf)$0.50 per day

Student Administration

ItemsFees (S$)
1. ICA processing fee (per application)$45.00
2. Student’s Pass issuance fee$60.00 or $90.00 as stated in the In-Principle Approval letter from ICA
3. Multi-Purpose Student Card$10.00
4. Multi-Purpose Student Card Replacement$15.00

Student Welfare/Activities

ItemsFees (S$)
1. Student activity / workshop feeUp to a maximum of $150 per activity
2. Graduation guest ticket$20.00 per ticket

All fees are inclusive of 9% GST.

All course fees are payable by instalments.

All fees listed are indicative and subject to annual increases.

*Medical insurance will cover students warded in a hospital or requiring surgical procedures and provides students access to a network of selected General Practitioners (GP) clinics for common ailments. The policy will reimburse on hospital charges and only covers treatments in Singapore Government or Singapore Government Restructured Hospitals and extends a co-payment coverage to treatments provided by General Practitioners (GP). Local students may opt out of the medical insurance if they can provide proof of adequate medical insurance coverage.

+The Fee protection scheme (FPS) insurance protects students’ paid fees in accordance with a master insurance policy and Student Contract.