IT support & services

Printing and copying

Photocopiers located in the library and computer Lab are available for use during library and computer lab opening hours respectively. Please remember there are legal restrictions on how much of a single text you can photocopy and that breaching the law can result in serious penalties.

Campus Computers / WIFI / Axis Portal & Email

You can access the campus computers, WIFI network and Axis Portal by using your Student ID (eg: as the username and password.

Wireless Internet access is available on campus grounds. Curtin Singapore regulates the use of internet by recording how much each user downloads. Generally, all downloads are free of charge. However, usage will be monitored for any excessive downloading and if you have excessive downloads, you will be contacted by the IT department to make the relevant arrangements.

Your academic email and account access will cease after 1 year from when your course is set to complete. If you withdraw from your course, are terminated from your course, or course status is set to WAOL, you will lose access to your student email account after 1 year.

Computer Labs

Curtin Singapore’s computer labs are open to all students from Monday to Friday 8:30am to 6:00pm excluding public holidays. The computers labs are installed with Microsoft Office applications and various academic software for your learning experience.

Contact us

For IT support, please email us at