Statement of confidentiality

Record keeping
Members of our Safer Team keep information they obtain in the course of risk assessment and management of incidents, confidential.
Confidential information will be used only for the purpose of behavioural risk assessment and management of behaviour or incidents.

Release of information
Subject to point 3 below, confidential information about individuals will not be disclosed to any other person unless the individual concerned has given consent to its use.
Release of information about an individual will normally require a written consent for disclosure, signed by the individual.

Limits of confidentiality
Confidential information will be disclosed without the consent of the individual when:

  • There exists a clear danger to the individual or to others,
  • There exists a legal obligation to do so.

Legal obligation
The term ‘legal obligation’ includes such circumstances as a court subpoena, a valid search warrant and, such other legislated requirements as may be in force at any given time.