Student clubs

Curtin Singapore has a list of established student groups and clubs which cater to a wide selection of interests in the areas of sports, arts, businesses, and community services. Becoming involved with a club is a great way to make new friends and enjoy your university experience.

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Student Committee

STUCO provides various avenues of engagement for Curtin Singapore’s students and promotes a vibrant campus life. Supported by Curtin Singapore, monthly events are organised to cater to a wide range of interests such as sports, arts and community outreach programs.

Facebook: Curtin Singapore Student Committee

Instagram: @Curtinlifestyle


Sports and Adventure Club (SAC)

The SAC includes sports such as futsal, badminton, and basketball and many more. SAC brings like-minded peers together during friendly matches and creates opportunities for students to represent Curtin Singapore in competitions.

Instagram: @curtinsg_sports

Instagram: @curtinbadmintonsg

Instagram: @curtinsgfc



Curtin Community Service Club (CCSC)

CCSC works together with its members as a solid team to make life meaningful for others. They believe in overcoming the sense of detachment and isolation that can dominate today’s busy society by giving back to the community with the best of their ability. From projects such as food distribution to residents to cleaning the homes of elderly folks, CCSC has touched the hearts of many with their commitment to making a difference.

Instagram: @ccscsingapore


Dance Club

Dance Club welcomes anyone with a keen interest in learning dance from the basics, to more advanced techniques, right through to full choreography. They endeavour to be a source of inspiration to other students on campus as they express themselves creatively in showcases, through body, mind and soul.

Instagram: @curtindanceclubsg


Kunci Club

KUNCI is a second home for Indonesian students at Curtin Singapore and provides great opportunity for social bonding among their members.

Instagram: @kuncisingapore


Music Club

Music Club is a place for individuals with a passion for music to come together as a family. Music Club provides a platform for members to increase their confidence through performance and to enrich the student body’s appreciation of the musical arts.

Instagram: @curtinmusicclub


Curtin Singapore Business Club (CSBC)

The CSBC aims to promote the development of future entrepreneurs and bring business-minded people together through networking or organising of seminars and conferences to expose its members to great ideas, and learn new skills.

Instagram: @curtinsg.bc