Convera GlobalPay for Students

Curtin Singapore has partnered with Convera to give international students and their families an easy way to pay for tuition fees in the currency of students’ choice with no hidden charges or receiving bank fees, which then converts into Singapore dollars.

Important notes

  • This is not a payment through Western Union Agent locations (except in the case of some payments from India). You will simply be paying a Western Union Bank account in the currency of your choice, and Western Union then transfers the funds to Curtin Singapore in Singapore dollars.
  • Certain currencies may require you to contact the designated service provider in your country to obtain a rate.
  • Payments to and from certain destinations may take longer or be subjected to certain restrictions that may result in a settlement delay.
  • Your foreign currency quote is only valid for 72 hours.

Using this secure online system

  • Pay by mobile phone (via web) from anywhere.
  • Get payment status updates.
  • Choose from many payment methods including AliPay, UnionPay, VISA, Mastercard, India NetBanking, ICICI Bank, Sofort, Trustly and iDeal.
  • Choose from 10 languages.

Please be sure to include your reference information to ensure your payment is received by Curtin Singapore, typically two to five business days after your bank initiates payment.

Step by step instructions

Step 2 Enter payment details

  • Select the country that you are paying from.
  • Select if you have signed your Standard PEI-Student Contract.
  • Enter the tuition fees that you will need to pay in Singapore Dollars (SGD) and GET A QUOTE.

Note: The Standard PEI-Student Contract must be signed and returned to Curtin Singapore before making payment.

Step 3 Make payment

  • Select your preferred payment option.
Payment optionsOverviewInstructionsTimeline
OnlineSelect from a variety of providersInput details required by the chosen payment option/providerPayment will be received 2 to 3 business days later
Bank transferReceive payment instructions for online banking or paying direct through your bankInput details required by the chosen payment option/providerPayment will be received 2 to 5 business days later, depending on your local bank
WU AgentsReceive payment instructions for an in-person transfer at selected WU Agent locationsOnly available at selected countries. Please refer to the payment instructions for WU Agent locationsPayment will be received 2 to 5 business days later

Note: The fees in your local currency is reflected on the right-hand column of each payment method.

  • Review the terms and conditions, select the checkbox, then PROCEED TO PAYMENT.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment.

Note: You may need to temporarily allow pop-ups on your computer in order to view the payment instructions.

If your local currency is not an option available in the system, you will need to choose another currency on the list to arrange your payment or contact Curtin Singapore Finance Office at  for more information. The subject line should read “Convera GlobalPay for Students payment issue”. Please indicate what currency you are trying to pay in, or where you are trying to pay from, and what the precise issue is.

Important Information for Bank Transfer

  • Please print payment instructions and contact your bank or the financial institution (online, phone or in-person). For most countries, this will be wired by your bank.*
  • Instruct your bank to pay to Western Union Business Solutions indicated on your payment instructions.
  • The reference number on the payment instructions is very important. It MUST be indicated on the “Reference” column in order for Curtin Singapore to receive payment. A reference number should NOT be used more than once. If you are making a second payment, or have a quote that has expired, please go through Steps 1-3 again to get new payment instructions with a new reference number.

Note: Payments made to our bank account can only be received by bank transfer. Cheque or cash deposits will not be accepted and will be returned to the sender. Funds received after the 72 hours cut off may be subject to a new rate. Custom House Financial (UK) Limited conducts business under the trading name Western Union Business Solutions. This bank account is used to receive payments on behalf of your institution.

*For payments from China, India and South Korea, you will be instructed to pay on a particular website or bank (e.g. ICICI for India)

If you have trouble using GlobalPay, please contact Convera at or call +65 6494 8280 for assistance.