Convera GlobalPay for Students FAQ

Making a payment using Convera GlobalPay for Students.

What are the benefits of paying my tuition and fees through Convera GlobalPay for Students?

Convera has been designated by Curtin Singapore to process payments for tuition and fees for international students. As a result of the partnership between the University and Convera, students are provided access to GlobalPay for Students, which allows you to pay your tuition and fees in your local currency, quickly and conveniently. Convera has worked closely with the University to ensure that your payment will be received fast and in full, without delays, deductions, or last-minute changes to your exchange rate.

The GlobalPay service allows the University to receive payments and makes it easy for students to pay in their local currency, so that you can proceed with your enrolment.

Using GlobalPay for Students, you can:

  • Pay your school using your local currency quickly and conveniently
  • Get a foreign currency quote from the university website anytime
  • Relax knowing that once you pay, there will be no additional transaction charges, as Western Union Business Solutions processes student payments for Curtin Singapore
  • Know that your payment will be received by the University with your reference information attached
  • Secure a foreign currency quote for 72 hours, giving you certainty and security when it comes to the cost of your transaction
  • Conveniently track your payments (approximately two to five business days from the time you initiate the payment)
  • Take the uncertainty, additional expenses, and delays out with Convera

How do I see the foreign currency quote and make a payment?

Please refer to the step-by-step instructions here.

Who can I contact if I have questions about making a payment?

Please contact Convera at or call +65 6494 8280 for assistance.

If you would like to query on the status of your payment, please e-mail to with the following information:

  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Payment reference number
  • Date of transaction
  • Proof of payment from your bank (if you have already initiated the wire transfer)

What type of fees can I pay using this service?

You can use GlobalPay for Students to pay any education-related costs assessed by your institution such as tuition fee.

How can I find out the amount I owe in my local currency?

Once you have selected your country from the dropdown list, the system will automatically display the different payment methods available in your country and the amount due in your local currency.

Why is my currency not available?

If your local currency is not an option available in the system, you will need to choose another currency on the list to arrange your payment, or contact Curtin Singapore Finance Office at for more information. The subject line should read “Convera GlobalPay for Students payment issue”. Please indicate the currency you are trying to pay in, or where you are trying to pay from, and what the precise issue is.

Do I need to include the payment reference number when I make my payment?


Including your payment reference number ensures that your payment is easily identifiable and quickly posted to your student account. Your payment reference number is located on the payment instructions form that is created when you accept your payment quote. Please include your payment reference number in the Payment Reference field when sending your funds to Convera.

I forgot to include my payment reference number with my payment. Will my payment be delayed?

If you forgot to include your payment reference number, there is a possibility that your payment will be delayed. Please contact Convera at or call +65 6494 8280 and provide the following information:

  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Payment reference number
  • Date of transaction
  • Currency paid
  • Proof of payment from your bank (if you have already initiated the wire transfer)

My bank does not allow me to make a payment to Convera. Why?

Curtin Singapore has authorised Convera to receive payments on its behalf. The banking instructions you receive from the GlobalPay process will provide banking details for a Western Union bank account. Convera will be expecting your payment. Once it has been received by Convera, the SGD amount will be forwarded to Curtin Singapore.

You may wish to print this information and provide it to your bank along with the banking instructions page from the GlobalPay website for them to send the payment to a Western Union bank account, not a Curtin Singapore bank account.

Convera is able to receive payments from any international bank. If you are experiencing problems, please contact Convera at or call +65 6494 8280 for assistance.

Alternatively, you may make your payment through other payment modes available at Curtin Singapore.

How long do I need to wait before I can obtain a new foreign currency quote?

After obtaining a foreign currency quote, you must wait 72 hours before you can obtain a new quote. You may quote as many times as you like, but only once within a 72-hour period.

What is the bank account name for Convera?

Globally all the Western Union Business Solutions are in process of rebranding into Convera. Bank account details remain as Western Union until further notice.